Here is a short essay on the utility of in silico biology, emphasizing in silico modeling of evolution. I wish I had written this!

In silico biology. (PDF)
Fernando CT, Goldstein RA, Husbands P, Stekel DJ.

Rather than studying existent living systems, we can increasingly produce computer models that capture the salient aspects of life. This provides us with unprecedented opportunities to examine, manipulate, and explore biological phenomena, allowing us to investigate some of the deepest issues in biology.

Evolution does not contradict the second law of thermodynamics; this paper works out the numbers for life on Earth.

Evolution and the second law of thermodynamics (link)
Emory F. Bunn

Skeptics of biological evolution often claim that evolution requires a decrease in entropy, giving rise to a conflict with the second law of thermodynamics. This argument is fallacious because it neglects the large increase in entropy provided by sunlight striking the Earth...

"... we find that the second law... is satisfied as long as the time required for life to evolve on Earth is at least... 10^7 s, or less than a year. Life on Earth took four billion years to evolve, so the second law of thermodynamics is safe.... Creating all of life in six days might be thermodynamically problematic, however."